Wonderful stack, thank you. You are so right, cloud cover makes it so much warmer at night!

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Be careful! Those of us with common sense stand in the way of progressivism!!

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BTW, congrats on hitting the one-year milestone! Thanks for all the great collaboration and interactions throughout 2023!

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I promised some cool links that help us to conserve resources.

We fix machinery, vehicles and appliances whenever we can, because it's good for the planet.

appliancepartspros.com has done well by us. They have parts for kitchen and laundry appliances and we get oven elements, dryer heater elements, dishwasher impellers etc. from them. We went straight to Bunn to get the gaskets for our coffee maker, and their parts prices were good, but shipping is ridiculous.

rockauto.com is where to get cheaper auto parts. They usually ship fast, and you can often pick better brands than the box auto parts stores. We are regular shoppers.

us.bluedriver.com sells a cheap scan tool that shows the top issues that could affect your car. You can scan a car that you want to buy second hand, and scan one that you need to fix. This tool is used by people who flip cars for a living. Helps you know if you can afford the fixes that you always need to do to a second hand car, and even with those, buying second hand is usually a financial winner.

If any of you are farming, we can point you to Ag sources. We were so sad when Corlls Tractor parts closed down. They had everything for the old lawn and farm tractors. But there are others, and even old baler graveyards :-D.

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Ooh, I am surely in the right place. :-) I am already doing it all, except the appliance fix ups. I've just added making my own salves and tinctures. By next fall, I will have a whole home pharmacy. I drive a 23 year old Subaru that I love. Will hang on to it! Recently, a bear mama ripped off my passenger mirror and they don't make it any more, and the repair shop says they have not been able to source it used. Any advice?

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