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So would it be beneficial to combine Chicory & Burdock together in a tea for instance or would that be added too much inulin? I have a recipe that I’m using as a alternative for coffee but I believe (if memory is correct)I’m only including the chicory root. There are other ingredients as well but only one source providing the inulin.

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Chicory and Burdock roots are somewhat redundant because they duplicate so many of their functions, and even energetics are pretty close. There might be a flavor benefit by substituting one or the other root, or mixing. The upper parts of the plants diverge more in medicinal quality.

Inulin has nutraceutical size dosage recommendations, so you probably aren't in danger of getting too much inulin if you drink normal amounts of tea. Diuresis might be a considerable factor depending on your mix. Also, extraction of roots usually takes longer than extraction of other plant parts, which is a consideration in herbal tea mixes.

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